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The Conover + Gould team will be donating to ten causes in the spirit of giving back during the holiday season. During December and January, each team member will be blogging about their chosen nonprofit. For her gift, Carly chose the American University of Nigeria Foundation's Humanitarian Aid Campaign.

This year, I chose to highlight the American University of Nigeria Foundation (AUNF) and the work they do to provide humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Nigeria. AUNF, an U.S. based 501(c)3 nonprofit, raises funds for the American University of Nigeria (AUN) to provide an education for vulnerable Nigerian youth and humanitarian assistance to survivors of Boko Haram violence.

Nearly 2.4 million men, women, and children have been displaced by local extremist group, Boko Haram. Sixty percent, or 1.4 million, of these IDPs are children. What can be more staggering than to know that the average length of displacement is 17 years. Plus, the overall environment of Nigeria further exacerbates this situation through food insecurity across the region and limited access to education, child protection and health services. These children may grow up without ever having consistent or safe food and water, a stable place to live, health care, or education. Because of these conditions, they may be vulnerable to exploitation or recruitment by Boko Haram, and the circle of violence will continue.

AUN has continued to support IDPs in Yola, Nigeria – where the campus is located – by providing humanitarian assistance and implementing development programs for education, peacebuilding, women’s empowerment, and employment. Recently, AUN provided basic relief to 75,000 IDPs, but these supplies will only last for a few more months.

In working with AUNF (the American University of Nigeria is a C+G client), I have gained a deeper appreciation for what IDPs go through after such terrible events, as well as a greater understanding of the complexities that encompass Nigeria.

More is needed beyond humanitarian aid. IDPs need development programs that can provide access to education, a stable living environment, and much more. But they absolutely must have food, water, and other basic necessities in order to live.

To donate to this organization, click here.


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The Conover + Gould team will be donating to eleven nonprofits in the spirit of giving back during the holiday season. During the month of December, each team member will be blogging about his or her chosen nonprofit. For her gift, Carly chose the National Communication Association.

NCAThis year, I would like to highlight the National Communication Association (NCA). NCA is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting communication arts and sciences for both communication scholars and practitioners. This helps advance communication education and research.

The need for research is at the core of any organization running issue campaigns to raise awareness, persuade and drive action to solving problems – from the holiday campaigns raising money for the hungry or unwell, to the year-round campaigns that helps keep important health, environmental or other issues in front of people.

Research helps inform decisions, and in areas where there is minimal experience or knowledge, research can provide practitioners needed information to help create strategic and thoughtful campaigns that connect with people, and ultimately help solve or reduce problems.

This year celebrates the 100-year anniversary of NCA. The communication industry has exploded in the ways we reach, speak, tweet, post, and visually communicate information to each other. But from scientists to presidents to those of us sitting at our desks writing emails, we all communicate, and the need to do it well does not go away.

To donate to this organization, click here.

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Nonprofit Spotlight: So Others Might Eat

SOMEWho thinks about exercise on Thanksgiving? This year, some of the Conover + Gould staff and their family members will be out at the 13th Annual Thanksgiving Trot for Hunger 5k run/walk. The event is hosted by this month’s spotlight nonprofit organization, So Others Might Eat (SOME).

10,000 participants gathered last year at Freedom Plaza early Thanksgiving morning for this great cause that raised almost $500,000 to feed the hungry and homeless in D.C.

For over 40 years, SOME has helped the capital’s poor and homeless with necessities such as food, clothing and healthcare. They provide holistic help by offering services for affordable housing, job training, addition treatment and counseling. In 2013, SOME served 433,811 meals and provided 10,868 sets of free, clean clothes. And, over 20,000 people volunteered their services.

SOME has an impressive success record and solid reputation. They were name a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator for seven consecutive years and were the first non-profit recipient of the National Capital Business Ethics Award.

SOME hosts other events throughout the year, including an event for young professionals to network and support affordable housing programs for the homeless and very low income. Upcoming events in March are the Empty Bowls soup suppers. This is a collaborative event with local potters and the Corcoran College of Art and Design to educate the public on the growing issue of hunger in Washington, D.C. and provide meals for the hungry. You can check out SOME’s Facebook page to see photos of 2014 events.

See you on race day!